5 of the Best WordPress Membership Plugins


Content selling is no longer a new thing in this industry. With all the conveniences provided by the internet, now everyone can apply how to create a member area on WordPress. In this article, we will discuss the 5 best WordPress membership plugins along with their advantages, disadvantages, and features.

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Advantages of Creating a Membership Website

Having a membership website or membership site is very useful for those of you who work as content creators or who offer products or services. With so many online businesses today, it will be difficult for you to attract the attention of your audience if you don’t implement a similar method, which is creating a membership site.

Online courses , for example. Not only as a place for students to learn, online courses also become a medium for experienced instructors who previously could only share their abilities and knowledge with those around them. With a membership website, the tutor can get students and start doing lucrative side jobs.

If many people become members of the site, then public trust in you will increase. For example, you have a culinary blog specializing in Asian food and have published a book that contains a collection of recipes and the best food information ever posted on the blog. When reading your blog, people will definitely see you as an Asian culinary expert.

Any Platform for Creating a Membership Website

To help people develop their abilities and also get a lot of followers, the first thing to do is create a website. If you want to create a website that can later be changed to a membership site, then WordPress is one of the best choice platforms. WordPress provides many variants of plugins that are specific to membership sites.

What are the Features to Consider When Looking for Membership Plugins?

The best WordPress membership plugins are usually equipped with sophisticated and sophisticated features. But of the many features available, which one should really be considered? Below is a list of some of the features we have summarized and you should pay close attention when looking for the best WordPress membership plugins.

  • Membership level . Most membership websites have users who subscribe to both free and paid (premium). However, there will definitely be times when you want a level of membership that is more than just free or paid. With the membership level feature, you can set a subscription package for online courses, for example, with different prices and offers. Even with this feature, you can fully control the restrictions that can be accessed by free users.
  • Content restrictions . This feature is needed if you want to restrict users who subscribe to certain packages so that they cannot access certain content. Most of the best WordPress membership plugins have this feature. However, you have to know the extent of control given by the plugin to restricted content.
  • Content scheduling . Instead of publishing all the content together, you can schedule it to be published one by one.
  • Integration . Generally WordPress plugins are integrated with other services. The basic features provided include email marketing and payment services. While other features are optional or even not needed. Therefore, choose a plugin that has features according to your needs.
  • Discount coupon . Using a discount coupon is one way to increase conversions. Each plugin offers a different option – discount in percentage or flat rate. You can also choose plugins that allow the sale of coupons separately or in packages with a product.
  • Ease of export / import . Choose a plugin that allows you to export data.

Best WordPress Membership Plugin

After knowing what features to look for in a plugin, then we will discuss the best WordPress membership plugins that offer free and premium paid packages.

1. Restrict Content Pro

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Restrict Content Pro is one of the best WordPress membership plugins that is widely used. This tool was developed by the same developer who made Easy Digital Downloads , a WordPress plugin for selling content. Restrict Content Pro is also known for its ease of use. A free version of this plugin is available in the official WordPress plugin directory .

With Restrict Content Pro, you can create an unlimited number of membership levels. This plugin also has a trial version that you can use. For premium membership, you can make various price variants. If you set a subscription fee of $ 30 per month for premium members, then you can make a special offer, which is an annual fee of $ 200.

Restrict Content Pro allows users to change subscription packages without canceling their membership status. In fact they will also be immediately given the appropriate price.

There are many payment services that can be integrated with this plugin, including WooCommerce, PayPal, and Braintree. For discounts, you can choose in the form of a flat rate or percentage.

Content Restrict Pro is available in four packages: Personal, Plus, Professional, and Ultimate. The Personal and Plus packages only provide 12 free add-ons, while the Professional and Ultimate packages provide 17 additional add-ons for $ 1020. Free add-ons come with simple download tools, such as monitor downloads, and also enforcer passwords . By purchasing premium services, you will get email marketing services, math verification on the registration page (sign up), and membership expiration date.

The Personal package can only be used on one website, whereas the Plus package allows you to create a membership on five sites. If you don’t want a limit on the number of websites, choose the Professional and Ultimate package.

2. LearnDash

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As the name suggests, LearnDash is the best WordPress membership plugin that focuses on online courses. Some well-known universities in the United States, such as the University of Florida and the University of Michigan, use LearnDash for online content.

Just like the features offered by other membership plugins, LearnDash also offers the core functionality of an online learning platform. Designing lessons is easier with the drag-and-drop course builder . You can also create quizzes with a collection of answers. After entering the quiz answers, LearnDash will automatically generate the questions.

To increase engagement between users, LearnDash provides user profile features. Not only contains member statistics, user profiles also become a means for users to communicate in study groups.

The content scheduling feature on LearnDash is different from that of most membership plugins. Instead of giving access on a certain date, this plugin allows you to set the time period of content so that users who have just registered can still access it.

Monetization on LearnDash is also more flexible. By default, you can apply payment once or repeatedly and purchase course subjects one at a time. You can also create and manage your own payment methods.

Nominal prices on LearnDash depend on the number of website licenses you get. The Basic package is only intended for one site and costs $ 199. Meanwhile, the Plus package can be for 10 websites and costs $ 229 and the pro package for 25 websites and costs $ 369.

3. s2Member

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s2Member is one of the best WordPress membership plugins that offers free and premium paid versions. Although the number of features is limited in the free version, it doesn’t mean you don’t try it out.

In addition to restricting posts and pages, the s2Member plugin also allows you to restrict access to posts based on certain categories and sections of posts. You can also restrict user access to media files.

The free version of this plugin has been equipped with an email campaign tool that works to make email marketing with an attractive appearance. Unfortunately, the free version s2Member only allows you to create four levels of membership. You won’t even get content scheduling and discount coupon features. Payment options are only limited to PayPal, whereas in the premium version, you can use Stripe, Authorize.Net, and ClickBank.

s2Member only offers two premium packages. The first premium package can only be used by one website at a cost of $ 89, while the second premium package allows you to use as many websites as possible at a cost of $ 189. The good news, package purchases are only made once in a lifetime.

4. MemberPress

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MemberPress is the best WordPress membership plugin whose features are almost similar to the features of the three previous plugins.

One of the advantages of MemberPress is that it can limit more than one page or post. This plugin can limit only parts of a post or by category. Not only that, you can also use this restriction feature to monitor and check the results of user downloads.

MemberPress can be counted on to create as many membership levels as possible with various package price models. In addition, this plugin can also be used to group certain membership levels so that members are willing to upgrade packages.

The last advantage possessed by MemberPress is that it can be integrated with LearnDash. This way, you can have the best membership plugin and online course builder at once!

There are three packages offered by MemberPress: Basic, Plus, and Pro. For a Basic package for $ 258, you can only use one site and get 10 add-ons. The Plus package is priced at $ 498 and contains licenses for 5 websites, while the Pro package is $ 698 and there are licenses for 25 websites. Each package offers an annual subscription fee.

5. MemberMouse

At first glance MemberMouse is almost the same as other premium membership plugins, but what sets it apart is a set of features that are considered unique. In addition to the flexibility that allows you to create an unlimited number of membership levels, this plugin also allows you to choose whether to sell posts or site pages separately. MemberMouse offers a special mode for viewing websites with preview views so you can check its functionality.

You can impose restrictions on posts, pages, and categories using the MemberMouse plugin. On the other hand, you can also set posts to be seen by users as soon as they become members. This setting is determined by the date after the user creates an account and subscribes.

Another exclusive feature in MemberMouse is the A / B test that is used to check the price model made. This way, you can better understand consumers.

MemberMouse has several shortcomings. First, this plugin is not a GPL (General Public License) software: meaning you cannot modify the code. Second, MemberMouse limits the number of users that can be added.

With a $ 19.95 Starter package, membership websites can have up to thousands of members. However, this package will not be maximized if used by websites with large communities. Choose the Advanced or Premium package. For the Advanced package, you can get up to 50,000 members with a monthly fee of $ 99. Meanwhile, for the Premium package, you can get up to 100,000 members with a monthly fee of $ 299.


There are many best WordPress membership plugins, and the five selected plugins summarized in this article are the best versions of our reliable plugins to create a member area in WordPress. If you have other membership plugin recommendations, please write in the comments column below!

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